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22 May 2020

1st Soft Launch


15 June 2020

Online OPP in zoom, limited 10 people


22 July 2020

Revolution of upcoming new app


Eight Core Businesses

Equity Token

Health Industry

Digital Assets

Entertainmet Industry

Tourism Industry

Social E-Commerce

Online Teaching

Advertising Industry

Our Little Story

Something About Us

The beginning of 5G era, by combining big data technology and blockchain technology, Richmore platform not only has wealthy people resources, at the same time it also able to grasp the current market trends in various fields, and can also provide highly protected business for investors and members.

Our Aim

We aim to become the premier blockchain social e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and within three years, build a platform with 100 million users and 50,000 merchants, and become the largest blockchain social e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia.





Our Expedition

We strongly hold on the mission of benefiting society and strives to create a stable platform and mechanism. We are committed into meeting the different needs of investors and members, providing professional and quality of services, and strengthening our competitive advantage and brand reputation through innovative ideas and new technologies.





“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”

Dato' Dr. Azman ChingKRT, DIMP, DSUJ, AMP, ANS, PJK, CEO